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  • is committed to providing accurate information on the role of animal research and testing in pharmaceutical discovery and development.

  • supports implementation of the 3Rs (reduction, refinement, and replacement) in research.

  • supports the development of life-saving treatments for human and animal health through biomedical research.

  • supports essential safety testing of new drugs to allow researchers to search for unknown risks, toxicities, and complications before a medicine is approved.

  • provides resources for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology research community to create more open communication around research and testing within their organizations and communities.


IOC is managed by a Board of Directors which provides strategic oversight of the consortium’s portfolio and priorities. The Board has representation from all member companies and is the primary decision-making body for IOC. Acting on the recommendations of working groups and partners, and on its own initiative, it establishes objectives, policies, and plans of action. Whenever possible, the Board operates on a consensus basis.


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